Personal Letter from Nancy Hayssen About Terry's Dean Mentoring Program

NancyAs an Internet Entrepreneur...

Have you ever felt alone?

I mean REALLY alone.

I've seriously been at the point of wanting to rip out every single hair on my head and throw my computer out the top floor of the highest building in site...due to the frustration of stumbling upon ONE little thing that I couldn't figure out, needing help on or just craving some solid advice.

Where could I go?

No where.

I could do a Google search- I found that a waste of time reading hours on
end sometimes never finding the answer I was looking for.

I could ask a co-worker, friend or random person that MIGHT happen to be a computer geek or business minded person that JUST MAYBE might know the answer to my problem...but usually not.

I felt like it was usually the blind leading the blind or me just solo on a journey to space...beating my head along they way.

What did I really need?

A REAL LIFE PERSON that has "been there- done" and has proved to be successful as an Internet Entrepreneur.

Someone who could answer my questions, steer me in the right directions, help me improve my business and gear me up for success.

Ah, yes!

I realized I needed a Mentor.

But, finding the RIGHT one seemed nearly impossible.

Since being an Internet Entreprenur for the past 6 years I've finally come to realize I needed to scout out not just any ol Mentor...

but a GOOD, RETUABLE Mentor.

Although, it seemed why I hadn't been able to find the right one is that in this field there are a limited amount of solid Internet Entrepreneurs so it's hard to get good recommendations - almost like a shot in the dark.

But, finally the good news happened!

I finally found my mentor, Terry Dean in Las Vegas while attending a seminar.

He was like a godsend.

At last I had been granted what I was looking for.

A Mentor that REALLY helped me.

Wow! What a concept- I was thrilled to say the least.

I've been in Terry's Coaching Program for almost 9 months now. I can speak from my own experience working with him that he is everything an Internet Entrepreneur could hope for.

He helps gives you a good strategy, answers all your questions in a systematic, thoughtful and detailed way, provides enormous amounts of valuable information ...

and most importantly, sticks to his word.

If you are lucky enough to work with him I'd recommend him in a hearbeat. He is a true blessing in every aspect of the word.

What I've found working with Terry compared to other Mentors:

Top 5 Differences Between Terry and Other "Mentors" I've Hired...


Other Mentors: Act like they know what they are doing- but don't!

Terry: He TRULY knows what he's doing.


Other Mentors: Tells you what you want to hear to get you off their back.

Terry: Nope- gives you the straight, honest truth to help you succed.


Other Mentors: Tells you they will give you support- but once you get in their program, they are no where to be found. You email them and it takes forever to respond.

Terry: Follows up within 24 hours, if not a few hours to your concerns.


Other Mentors: Act like they will help you 'every step of the way' but once they get your money they just throw at you some useless old information and call it a day!

Terry:  His program is strucutured, up-to-date and he personally helps you step-by-step along the way.


Other Mentors: Say they will personally help you but then come to find out that their assistant will help you at best!

Terry: He personally emails you and offers coaching over the phone each month!

He also happens to be a courteous, kind person who is full of integrity- now that's hard to find.

I feel like I struck gold!

I am eternally grateful for all the support you have given me in the past 9 months I've worked with you in your Coaching Program.

Thank You, Thank You!

Nancy Hayssen

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